Oh, Alchemy: Diplomat – A Music Review

I’m proud to claim Oh, Alchemy as a local area band made up of very innovative musicians, and Diplomat – a fast-paced, eclectic, fun album that is enormously engaging – perfectly displays their talents.

Oh, Alchemy’s songs are comprised of charming, quirky lyrics and really convey a strong sense of joy on the part of the lead singer.  The arrangements suit the lyrics wonderfully (or perhaps that’s the other way around), and I really love the choice of instruments Oh, Alchemy utilizes in Diplomat.  With adept engineering and skillful production, the album is an auditory feast offering new sound after new sound with each listen.

Furthermore, Diplomat is at its heart an entertaining album.  With strong, catchy beats and fast, energetic songs, Diplomat is one of those albums that lends itself to any occasion, whether it be a quick trip to the grocery store or a get-together of friends.

So if you’re looking for an upbeat, enjoyable listen with a great sound and unique songs, I recommend Diplomat and am thrilled to support Oh, Alchemy.

Oh, and for the record, my favorite song on Diplomat is “Past and Presents.”

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