Short Story Of the Week

Welcome. Thank you for visiting. Check out this page every week for a new short story. I write in a variety of genres, so you can always expect a new experience. Just click the cover to read a short story at absolutely no cost to you.

Fallen Man

Bryan is certain he’s going to die at the bottom of that ravine. When help arrives, it’s in a form he never expected. (Science Fiction)


Preston, Jared, Reggie, and Dale thought they’d be the first to successfully pull a prank on their math teacher, Mr. Washington. But when Mr. Washington catches them in the act, he runs down his front porch, takes a terrible tumble upon his front walk, and doesn’t get up. The boys soon discover their Halloween prank won’t be unraveling as planned.  (Humor/Halloween/Holiday)


As usual, Sadie peeks out the back window before going to bed. This night, though, a clown sits upon their swings. Against her husband’s wishes, she confronts the stranger. She will wish she hadn’t. (Horror)


While teaching Sunday school to a class of eight-year-olds, Ben is faced with a question he doesn’t quite feel equipped to answer. (Realism/Humor)


Victories don’t just happen. People need a reason to prevail. This is why they won. (Sports/Realism/Family Saga)


If you’re reading this, it’s too late. It’s already there. In the corner of your room. (Horror/Thriller)


During his twenty-seven years living in the forest, he’d never been made game by another man–until now. (Realism)


A frank conversation with a student forces a teacher to make a stunning realization. (Realism)


Careful with that spider you’re about to step on. You might just end the world. (Horor/ScienceFiction)