“Scott Foley is a hotspot in a generation of young authors intent on  looking at the world with fresh eyes. Yes, every generation claims its  share of shooting stars, but Foley brings with him the additional  weaponry of wisdom, along with his writing skills. Methinks this star  may be on the rise.”
~Ken Bradbury, author of homerville

“Andropia, Scott William Foley’s intriguing novel reminiscent of utopian and distopian fiction, presents a number of big questions … This slim book rivets attention from the first page, making it nearly impossible to put down until the last word is read … Although the novel and the stories can each stand alone, taken together, they extend the questions and provide a deep dive into the complexity of existence … Andropia is in some ways subversive, in many ways disturbing, and in all ways a thoroughly good read!”
~Dr. Jane Thomas,  University of Michigan

“I loved Andropia! I started reading it on the El train to work, and I rapidly got pulled into the story as it developed from chapter to chapter. It got to the point where I couldn’t wait to get on the train, so that I could read more of it! I like Foley’s technique of closing chapters with a cliffhanger, and I liked the short stories at the end too, which really added great background details to the main story. It was a very quick read, and it definitely made me think deeper as I was trying to figure out what was coming next.”
~Matthew P., data migration expert

“Andropia! I enjoyed this great read and was through it in a flash. Engaging and though-provoking, Andropia will transport you into it’s mysterious world and make you really wonder about our own world. Asking many questions and opening our minds to think in a new way, the books structure consists of the central story, then features short stories telling parts of the story from different perspectives. Pick this one up and you won’t be disappointed. Let’s hope there will be a sequel to follow.”
~Katie Hoffman, private chef and blogger

“In Souls Triumphant students find a novel they are able to understand, they can identify readily with the characters, and they are encouraged to exercise their imaginations.  All of these features yield students who want to discuss all aspects of the book and dig for its applications to their own lives.  ‘Theme’ suddenly becomes relevant to their own lives, not just an idea that represents thinking of another age and time, even though it may also be universal in nature.”
~Randal Reichert, Adjunct Instructor of English, LLCC

“I loved Scott’s interpretation of the juxtaposition of old and young, pop culture and religion, and parent and child. ‘A Christmas Confrontation’ is both humorous and heartfelt. As a children’s ministry director, I especially enjoyed the message that the Church can be a healing experience for all who enter it, because of (or in spite of) the approach to reach them. Great work!”
~Laura Freyman, Director of Children’s Ministry at St. John’s Lutheran Church-ELCA

Souls Triumphant has something for everyone. Part love story, part fantasy adventure, and filled with action. Readers are thrust into the classic dilemma of good vs. evil. However, this is not the tradition tale that has been written many times. Foley has delivered a refreshing and entertaining read for all ages. Adults and teens will finally have something they agree on … this is a good book! … S. William Foley has penned a one of a kind novel, where the characters, while interacting within a fantasy world, could not be more real. Questions of spirituality, ethics and morals are presented through detailed plot lines that could easily be woven into the fabric of our daily lives. Foley has delivered a well constructed novel that combines interesting characters, intriguing dialogue and explosive moral conflicts. This rare mix, will undoubtedly place Foley on the favorites list of many readers.”
~RJ McGill, 3Rs-Real Reader Reviews

“I love this book of short stories [The Imagination’s Provocation: Volume I]. As a former high school English teacher I was always searching for material that would hold my students’ attention. These short stories did just that! We had great discussions over many of them and the students always were excited when I pulled out this book for the day’s lesson. S. William Foley has a gift when it comes to writing short stories, they have many of the same elements as a great novel without dragging the story on for 100s of pages. My students loved that we could finish a story and have a discussion/debate all in the same class period.”
~Heather Sommerville, educator

[Souls Triumphant] grabbed my attention right from the first page. Only other book I ever read that did that was Catch-22 by Joseph Heller.”
~Rich Lapinski, author of The Wander Daze

“In Souls Triumphant, Foley propels the ever-present struggle between good and evil to the forefront of our world, urging us to choose sides while traveling with two evolving, very human characters. An exciting delight to read – the perfect vehicle to ponder your past or present road to spirituality.”
~Layne Moore, communication specialist

Souls Triumphant is an interesting and mature tale about angels and demons. I found myself pleasantly surprised by Foley’s voice because he takes the whole mystical and spiritual aspect of Heaven and Hell and makes it his own. This is a very intellectually written book and it relies very heavily on dialogue rather than all action … S. William Foley has written a book that is not the normal pop culture fluff that is being written. Any fan who is into religion, spirituality and fantasy should pick this book up and lose themselves in the world of good and evil.”
~C. Garrabrant, book reviewer

“For readers, [Souls Triumphant] a contemporary fantasy full of adventure, humor, passion, and optimism that, despite its familiar ingredients, is surprisingly unpredictable … Souls Triumphant is a brisk (208 pages), competently written, and entertaining novel with a positive message that fans of Christian fiction will probably appreciate more, but may also appeal to readers looking for a little romance and magic…”
~Robert Thompson, Fantasy Book Critic

“In Foley’s first full-length novel we encounter the ultimate struggle between good and evil. Souls Triumphant introduces strong, well-defined characters, some evil incarnate, others venerable. The plot offers a love story in an epic tale with a fantasy backdrop; a page-turner(!) with a myriad of literary allusions. It appeals to teens and adults who enjoy reading fantasy, love stories and those who like literary allusions and heroic tales. A delightful read! Teachers and librarians will be pressing this title into the hands of teens!”
~Keran Johnson, high school librarian

“Scott Foley has written a wonderful readable adventure… I usually don’t select this type of book, but Scott asked me to read the first draft several years ago. I found that his writing style and storytelling ability held my attention through to the end. Pick up Souls Triumphant and let your imagination flow. You’ll be glad you did.”
~Marilyn Best, author

“If this collection [The Imagination’s Provocation: Volume I] is an accurate indicator, Scott William Foley is bound to become a household name. These stories will enlighten literature classes, book clubs, and fiction buffs alike. Foley’s amazingly developed characters and sophisticated, realistic style will draw you in to his intriguing plots. I’m anxious to see what is next for Scott William Foley.”
~Janet Moore, educator

“I rate Scott’s book [Souls Triumphant] up there with one of my favorite books I have ever read. He is sure deep to be so young. You know I wouldn’t say this if I didn’t mean it. His sentences flow…like a person talks in this book. I was hooked from the beginning to the end. He is going to do well.”
~Dixie Petticrew, artist

“Scott William Foley is an extremely talented writer with a vivid imagination. His latest book, The Imagination’s Provocation: Volume II, is another collection of interesting short stories that, yet again, prove his ability to keep the reader highly entertained throughout the book. Overall, the book is a pleasure to read and is highly recommended.”
~Chad Harris, M.B.A.

“I thought it [Souls Triumphant] was one of the most imaginative stories I’ve ever read. It was very meaningful, spiritual, and thought provoking.”
~Barb Gillespie, musician and educator

“What a roller coaster ride! Each chapter [The Imagination’s Provocation: Volume I] held a different genre that pulled you in. Like a ride where you can’t wait to get to the end, yet after you finished, you realize how much you enjoyed it! It will be exciting to see what this author has in store for us in the future!”
~Sharon Zwanzig, administrative assistant

“I absolutely loved reading this book! From the very first page, I was hooked! Scott William Foley is an amazing writer that knows how to draw in an audience and make them feel as though they are a part of the story. I am a huge fan of mystery and horror stories, but the nice mix of different story genres in this book was pleasing to read. Anyone that loves short stories or just wants to read something fresh that will keep you hooked, should read The Imagination’s Provocation: Volume I. I look forward to reading Scott William Foley’s new novel, Souls Triumphant! Keep up the good work!”
~Candace L., student

“If you are into sci-fi, humor, fantasy, or any genre then this [The Imagination’s Provocation: Volume I] is the book for you. Fresh, witty and thought provoking. Pick it up and give it a try.”
~Vince Hummel, insurance

“Although I am not usually a fan of horror (having such a small threshold for anything scary), I like Foley’s stories [in The Imagination’s Provocation: Volume II], many of which contain at least an element of horror. My favorite story is “Ghost of the Bed and Breakfast.” It was the perfect mix of creepy and suspenseful … Other stories feature themes of faith (“Sitting Silently in the Back Pew”) and loss (“The Monitor”). All are equally enjoyable and promise to entertain readers.”
~Amy Pearce, librarian

7 thoughts on “Acclamations

  1. Keep on writing! Sounds like you are doing well!

  2. Raquel Ortiz says:

    Thank you so much for responding.My Bishop wrote a book some years ago and he didint get it copy wrote, so the next thing he knew a women got his book and published it. Well he wrote another book and its copy written. Its an awesome book. He is trying to find a publisher and i told him i had met you and he asked me to get in touch with you to see if you could direct him to a publisher. So i told him i would see what i could do. He asked me to give you his number, so here it is 217-553-3375. i dont know his email right now. Maybe if you can call him he will give it to you, or i’ll get it tomorrow. I really, really appreciate your time. How’s the baby and the wifey? when are you writing another book You know Mr. Riechart started me reading books. I use to HATE to read until I read souls triumpant. AWESOME book. Tell your wife i said hello. Talk to you soon.Have a blessed evening and day tomorrow. Thanks again.

  3. Raquel Ortiz says:

    Thank you so much. I just talked to him and he told me to thank you very much. Hes going to use those resourses. No i dont mine emailing at all. I have a 16 month old so i know how it is soon as you pick up the phone, they want all of your attention Well im waiting on YOUR next book. I also got the book that was recommended. I’m going to read it and tell you what i thought. You know i’m writing a book also. It’s just i dont have the time i would like to dedicate to it but it’s coming. You will be the first to know. You and Mr. Riechart. haha. Thanks again. Talk to you soon. Have a Blessed evening.

  4. Hey. Thanks for the comment on Clash of the Titans. And no I have not seen the original. I have heard that it is a cheaply done B movie, but that is part of its charm. It is what it is. But this remake was suppose to be something better and it was not.

  5. Jessica says:

    I belive that scott foley is a very good writter and i am lucky to have him as a teacher at Bloomington High School and I am looking forward to getting to know him this year

  6. Anna says:

    Mr. Foley,
    You taught me how to read the word and the world! This literacy connection you helped me bridge was monumental in my life!! I’m actually working on a project that features many of your influences, I will send it to you when I’m done. You introduced me to some really neat stuff in high school. Thank you so much!

  7. Anna,

    Wow! Thank you for the kind words! I’m glad that I had a positive impact upon your life!

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