Childhood Demons – A Halloween Short Story

I’m pleased to announce that I have an original short story available for your Amazon Kindle or Kindle App.  Never before published, “Childhood Demons” is a disturbing tale to help you get in the Halloween mood.

Here is what you can expect …

“Henry Mansell must return to his boyhood home to handle some unfortunate business. Henry brings his wife and four year old son along, and when Henry reads his child a bedtime story in the bedroom from his youth, old demons arise.”

You can download your copy now by visiting the link:

2 thoughts on “Childhood Demons – A Halloween Short Story

  1. Scott, sounds right up my street. So much that I’ve purchased it. Looking forward to reading it this evening. Regards, Paul
    ps You may be interested in looking at some of the supernatural tales at FREAKY FOLK TALES…

  2. Thanks, Paul. I hope you enjoy it. Good luck with your work. You’ve got an interesting premise at your site.

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