The Libertine – A Movie Review

This is a film starring Johnny Depp that deals with the 17th century poet, John Wilmot.  A true period piece, the costumes and sets were amazing.  The cinematography was stellar as well, as it truly looked as though all interior shots had no more lighting than several very bright candles.  In other words, there existed an ever-present flicker.

I suppose the acting was very good, but I enjoy a zany Johnny Depp more than a straight-laced, deplorable Johnny Depp.  Of course, he as the libertine, and a libertine is one who is morally unrestrained, so you can imagine who likable he was.

Ultimately, I didn’t think much of the story and I felt the film rather boring.  If you enjoy period pieces and/or anything dealing with John Wilmot, this may be the film for you.  Otherwise, I think you could stand to pass on this one.

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