Closer – A Movie Review

Apparently the stage version of this film was a hit, and thus, they decided if it was a hit on the stage it would only be natural for it to be a hit on the silver screen as well.  I’m afraid I couldn’t disagree more.

This film essentially dealt with four people who couldn’t make up their minds who they wanted to be with.  I seriously felt like I was watching a teen drama, but all those things that can sometimes make a teen drama cute were noticeably absent because we weren’t dealing with teens, we were dealing with adults in their thirties and so their behavior was just depressing. 

Sure, this sort of thing probably happens in real life, but I don’t want to see it on the screen.  This film was slow, depressing, pointless, and ultimately anticlimactic.  I can’t believe Julia Roberts and Natalie Portman agreed to star in it, and I have to say that Jude Law and Clive Owen are propagating my theory that English movie starts love playing immoral, sniveling men in today’s films.

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