The Inexplicableness Of My Movie Predilections

Note: Originally Published 7-23-06

I like to post reviews of movies I’ve watched.  I do it because I want to help you.  I know you enter the local movie rental place and pace for hours upon hours, searching for that perfect movie.  Your time is far too valuable for that.  That’s where I come in.  I give you the nuts and bolts, the peanut butter and jelly, the Sigfried and Roy.  I give you what I liked and/or what I didn’t like.  That way, you can go into the local movie rental place armed with the most valuable weapon of all-knowledge! 

So, over the last few days, some have brought it to my attention that my movie reviews are inconsistent at best.  I scoff at some critically acclaimed flicks and love some supposed stinkers.  What can I say people?  I don’t dance for the man!

When I watch a movie I’m judging it with three things:

1)  Does it have a good, original story?  If the answer is yes, no matter what the subject matter, I’ll like it.  If it’s compelling and well crafted, it’s good.  It’s that simple in my world.

2)  How’s the acting and cinematography?  Was the director trying to do something unique?  Were the actors giving it their best shot or just phoning it in?  I’ve seen high caliber actors in prestigious films sleepwalking, and I’ve seen no-names in largely unrecognized flicks knock it out of the park, so you never know! 

3)  Finally, even if the above two are a no-go, is the movie at least entertaining?  Did I at least         enjoy myself?  Even if it didn’t change me on an intellectual or emotional level, even if it didn’t make me re-evaluate my perspective on a topic, did it make me smile?  (Smiling does not equate laughter, for the record.)  Did I find myself enjoying it for some inconceivable reason, be it due to the charisma of the actors, or the costumes, or the direction?  If any of the above is a yes, then the movie’s got a shot!

Ultimately, I want you to know that I love movies.  Typically a movie will have to be pretty indistinguishable to get a bad review from me.  As you can see, my criteria are fairly broad.  Anyway, I hope this has helped explain my tastes in movies.  Somehow I think this may have been more confusing than clarifying…

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