Superman: The Unauthorized Biography by Glen Weldon – A Book Review

Glen Weldon is my kind of person – a total nerd who writes magnificently.  His blend of intricate knowledge and hilarious humor made The Caped Crusade a fun read, one which prompted me to check out Superman: The Unauthorized Biography.

Though I’m not a die-hard fan of Superman, I’ve always been interested in his character, and, more specifically, his psychology.  There is obviously something that sets Superman apart from the rest of super heroes and even other pop-culture icons.  When you consider that Superman has appeared on a monthly basis since 1938, well, that’s staying power.

Weldon provides insight into both the character’s multifaceted history as well as what maintains his longevity.  From the comic books to the radio shows to the serials to the TV programs o the movies, Weldon offers a crash course in the Man of Steel, one that will both educate and entertain.

The book is divided into short segments moving along chronologically that will allow a reader to enjoy the book for either short or long periods of time.   Weldon has a wicked sense of humor, so be prepared to appreciate the elegance of the character, but also be ready to chuckle at some of his more ridiculous aspects.

Superman: The Unauthorized Biography will please students of the medium, crazed fans, and casual readers alike.  It moves at a brisk pace, offers just the right amount of information, and even provides a few fresh perspectives concerning the Last Son of Krypton.

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