You Should Be Watching Orphan Black

My wife and I have enjoyed Orphan Black for several years now, and with the revelation that next season will be the fifth and last, I urge you to get caught up now.  Season 4 just finished, so there’s no better time.  As of this writing, you can actually watch the first three seasons for free on Amazon Prime.

If you are unfamiliar with the story line, a lost soul of a woman witnesses a suicide alongside the rail tracks.  She steals the victim’s purse only to discover she looks exactly like the deceased.  Before long, the woman – Sarah – realizes she and the victim were clones of one another … and they aren’t the only ones.  A vast science fiction thrilling epic ensues.

Don’t let that term scare you – “science fiction.”  My wife doesn’t do science fiction, yet she loves Orphan Black.  Yes, the show is firmly rooted in science fiction, but it’s mostly grounded in reality, it’s mostly street level, it’s mostly a thriller with appropriate swatches of humor, and it’s extremely well acted.

In fact, to us, the main actress named Tatiana Maslany is the real reason you need to watch this show.  She plays five different cloned characters on a regular basis, as well as several others on an intermittent basis.  Each of these characters has a unique look, a specific manner of speaking, and individual body language.  Some are good, some are bad, and some are somewhere in the middle.  This actress is so masterful that we forget it’s the same person playing all of these distinct characters.  Honestly, this woman is superb.

Because the show is provocative, exciting, unpredictable, funny and amazingly acted, I can’t recommend it to you enough.  Get caught up this summer so you’re ready for the final season next April!


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