Valeria’s Last Stand by Marc Fitten – A Book Review

I have to admit that I only chose to read this book because I liked its cover, so nothing could have prepared me for just how much I would love it.

Valeria’s Last Stand takes place in a tiny Hungarian Village during the modern day.  It features Valeria, who is an old woman and the village bully.  When she falls for a local artisan, however, Valeria becomes a mystery not only to her neighbors, but even unto herself.

Marc Fitten delivered a smoothly written, charming, humorous, well-developed story.  The characters leapt off the page and even the surliest of them were loveable.  Valeria was particularly charismatic, though she would cringe at being described as such.

I would have called you crazy if you’d told me I would love a book about an old woman in a remote, Hungarian village giving love one last shot, but I did, and that’s a credit to Marc Fitten.

No matter what your tastes in genre, I whole-heartedly recommend Valeria’s Last Stand.

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