The LOST X-Man: A Brief Comparative Study of Wolverine and Sawyer

As a connoisseur of all things unimportant, I recently contemplated the similarities between The X-Men’s Wolverine and LOST’s Sawyer.  Here’s what I came up with:

  • Both men were born with the name James.
  • Both men have a predilection for beer.
  • Both men took the name of his father’s killer as an alias.
  • Both men think nothing of murder.
  • Both men have anger-control issues.
  • Both men tend to lust after his leader’s love interest.
  • Both men enjoy assigning unflattering nicknames.
  • Both men display amoral behavior.
  • Both men will assume leadership when the chips are down.
  • Both men killed his father’s killer.

Did I forget anything?  Feel free to add your two-cents.

3 thoughts on “The LOST X-Man: A Brief Comparative Study of Wolverine and Sawyer

  1. LOL says:

    The funny thing is: I always thought Sawyer was like Logan. XD
    Good job! ^^

    • Bonk Bonk! says:

      I’ve always seen these two characters having a strong connection. Another similarity that I’ve always gotten a kick out of is the amount of time allotted to showing each of these characters hurt. Although it is a common occurrence for many of the characters in LOST to be bloodied, no one is ever hurt more on average than Sawyer. Be it punched kicked or knocked out, Sawyer is almost on par with Wolverine.

  2. Chaching says:

    I also found these parallels between those too characters. I am sure they are not by accident.
    .) both characters – however rude seeming – have a strong protective instinct for their comrades. They both seem like the least trustworthy person , but sooner or later become the back bone of their “group”.

    .) both names , logan and sawyer seem similar in character and background. I cant quite put my finger on it. And James is like the most used name for the “good” character in fiction history. Its like both characters are about becoming what you hate most, and finding your way back to what you were actually meant to be – an upright,good person.

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