In Her Shoes – A Movie Review

I’ll admit it.  The only reason I watched this movie was because I thought my wife deserved a “chick flick” after weeks of watching my picks.  And, though I’m loath to reveal such a thing, this film wasn’t terrible.

It stunk in the beginning.  Cameron Diaz plays a deplorable character so well that you really can’t help but dislike her.  Toni Collette plays her responsible sister, and the whole thing is very predictable and well tread.  So what made you start liking this film, you ask?  Well, there’s this actor our parents, maybe even grandparents, like named Shirley MacLaine.  Once she entered the picture, literally, things started looking up.  The story remained rather clichéd, but it still managed to tug on the old heart every once in a while, thanks to MacLaine’s acting. 

I wouldn’t put this one at the top of my rental list, but if there is nothing else available, you could always do worse than this one.

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