Good Night, And Good Luck – A Movie Review

I must admit that the premise of this movie is not the most exciting of plots. A reporter, Edward R. Murrow, takes on Joe McCarthy, the father of McCarthyism. However, I’d heard rave reviews of the film, both from friends and from the critics, and so I thought I should check it out.

It was stupendous.

The story itself, especially in today’s climate, was nothing less than inspirational. A few men dared to stand up for what was right, despite the repercussions, and eventually a tainted politician fell as a result. The director, a surprisingly talented George Clooney, kept the pace perfect and mixed his filming with actual footage seamlessly.

Most impressive, however, was the lead actor who played the newsman Edward R. Murrow, David Strathairn. I am completely unfamiliar with this man’s work, and I had never heard of Edward R. Murrow before this film, but Strathairn was nothing less than completely magnanimous and charismatic as the reporter. He played Murrow as deadpan, intense, and low key, and it worked perfectly. I completely understand his nomination for Best Actor at the last Academy Awards.

Along just being a great movie, this film provoked a lot of thought about what’s going on with today’s politics, the reporters covering the news, and television and its purpose. There is a strong message being conveyed, a message that I happen to agree with. See the movie and tell me if you agree with it as well.

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