A History of Violence – A Movie Review

A History of Violence is one of those rare films where everything, and I mean everything, works.  The acting is superb across the board, the plot is absolutely riveting, the direction is excellent.  There’s very little I can say about this film without ruining the story for you, but just trust me when I say that Viggo Mortensen and his understated acting is a true treat.  This man is not receiving enough credit for his acting in this film.

I will offer one warning-the film has some very graphic scenes of violence, as the title would suggest.  Be ready for it.  It’s not anything that will make you sick, but it is very realistic.  For instance, if someone were to get shot in the face, well, it would stand to reason half their face would be missing, wouldn’t it?  The director, David Cronenberg, pulls no punches. 

You will be fascinated by this film.

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