The World’s Fastest Indian

I believe that some movies are bound to be good based upon the actors involved alone.  Now, this is not a perfect formula, but it works for me more often than not. 

That being said, when I saw that Anthony Hopkins starred in The World’s Fastest Indian, and after I learned the movie was a true story about an old man from New Zealand who had customized a 1921 Indian motorcycle in order to break a land speed record in 1967, well, I was sold.

Though there were not nearly enough scenes with the actual racing of the Indian, I couldn’t help but fall in love with Hopkins’ character.  The story mostly deals with his charm and eccentricities, of which there are many, and his difficult plight in getting from New Zealand to Utah, where the land speed races were held.  Just like most old men, no offense to the old men out there, Hopkins demanded everyone repeat everything they said to him as he turned a good ear to them, he mumbled, he crept along, and he seemed to have that general body language that only an old man can have. 

Though it’s a true story and you can easily look up Hopkins’ character’s name, Burt Munro, on, I won’t ruin the ending for you.  I will say, however, that it is truly an inspirational film that had my wife weeping at its end, and, don’t tell anyone, brought a little tiny bit of moisture to my eyes as well.

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