The Simpsons Movie – A Movie Review

I should establish that while I occasionally enjoy watching the TV show, I am not a die-hard Simpsons fan.  I probably haven’t seen even a third of their total shows, so when the movie came out, I thought it looked pretty funny, but I was a bit concerned it’d be so convoluted in its own history with in-jokes and show references that I wouldn’t know what in the world was going on (i.e. Harry Potter movies).

I’m happy to report that my concerns were unfounded.

Yesterday was our third anniversary, and so we decided to check out The Simpsons Movie basically because nothing else looked good.  We both initially thought we’d probably see it on DVD, but, hey, when you want to see a movie, you want to see a movie, right?

We both laughed nonstop through the entire thing.  Some of it was highbrow humor, most of it was lowbrow humor, but all of it was funny, and that’s all we wanted.  Most Americans know all they need to know about the Simpsons before going into the film.  Even if you don’t watch the show regularly, you likely know Homer’s an idiot, Bart’s a hellion, Marge is a loving mom and caring wife, Lisa’s a responsible activist, and Maggie’s a … well, a baby.  And even if you didn’t know this, it’s quickly made apparent.

Most surprising of all was the fact that it had a coherent plot with actual foreshadowing and character development.  I didn’t require such things for this particular movie, but it was a nice surprise.  I figured it would simply be a series of gags, one bit after the other, but they actually had a storyline that made sense!

All in all, this was definitely worth seeing on the big screen, and I really felt like we got our money’s worth.

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