Reno 911!: Miami – A Movie Review

I’m a big fan of the television show on Comedy Central.  My wife and I love it.  Unfortunately, as so often is the case, the TV show didn’t translate well to the big screen.

In thirty minute episodes of the television program, we are privy to several “calls” where the sheriff’s department can run up against just about anything.  And, if the scene isn’t going particularly well from a comedic standpoint, you don’t have to wait long for a shift in setting and a new “call” that is funny.  And, by the end of the show, a plot line with an actual conclusion has somehow emerged amidst all the zaniness.

The movie, however, tried to run one coherent storyline with a few of the smaller “on a call” scenes.  Reno 911!: Miami  simply doesn’t work in this format.  Yes, there were some genuinely funny scenes, but nothing compared to the television show.  The storyline felt forced and drawn out, and, honestly, wasn’t really that funny or entertaining.  Everything felt big, over produced, and murky.

Furthermore, half of what I love so much about the TV shows are the recurring criminals the sheriff’s department have to corral.  We only got one of them in the movie, and he didn’t play a large role at all.  And without the actual city of Reno, Nevada, much of the allure of this series disappears.

Finally, I’m not afraid of a little controversy or bawdiness, but this thing was raunchy.  I didn’t understand why we had to have a prolonged scene of almost all of the Reno sheriff’s department masturbating.  Granted, a few seconds might have been funny, but the scene was way too long and a bit too detailed, which, in essence, sums up the problem of the entire movie.  It’s also hilarious to hear all the beeps canceling out the profanity on the TV show, but when you hear the actual cursing in the movie, not so funny anymore.  Just a bit gratuitous.

My suggestion, rent the instant-classic television shows on DVD, avoid the movie.

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