“A Turn for the Worse” – My April Short Story in Bloomington News & Views for the Young at Heart

I’m particularly excited about my latest story in Bloomington News & Views for the Young at Heart.  It’s called “A Turn for the Worse,” and I have to tell you it’s one of my favorites in recent memory.

Kent Carter is a  man who enjoys the simple things in life, such as his favorite magazine and a quiet morning at the coffeehouse.  But when a distraught stranger enters the establishment, Kent’s perspective on humanity radically changes.

You can find Bloomington News & Views for the Young at Heart, a free periodical, at virtually any Bloomington-Normal medical facility.  You can also find it at the following locations:

Suds Subaru on the corner of Fort Jesse and Towanda
Busey Bank on Fort Jesse
Kroger on the corner of Landmark and Visa
Commerce Bank on the corner of Towanda and College
Tuffy Muffler on Vernon
Kmart behind Kep’s restaurant on 1AA Drive
Eastland Mall at the main door between JC Penny and Macy’s
Kroger on Oakland Avenue
Jewell-Osco on Veterans Parkway
Borders bookstore
Kroger on Main Street
Bloomington Public Library on Olive Street
Drop Off Laundry on Main Street, across from Kroger

I realize this story may be a little controversial.  If you’d like to share your thoughts on it, feel free to contact me at scottwilliamfoley@gmail.com.

2 thoughts on ““A Turn for the Worse” – My April Short Story in Bloomington News & Views for the Young at Heart

  1. Deborah Prieur says:

    Hello there Scott,
    I recently picked up a copy of News and Views at my doctor’s office. Your story caught my eye so I began to read. I have to say that when I reached the end I found myself searching through the paper for the “rest of the story.”
    I’m not a writer as I’m sure you can tell but as an individual who does quite a bit of reading I have to say I was so dissapointed that the story didn’t continue. I think you’re a very good writer and have alot to offer but wow, I would have loved to see some ending to what happened to that poor man in the coffee shop. Am I totally wrong about the story? Is there actually more to it and I am oblivious to it?
    Anyway, thanks for listening. Keep on writing!
    Deb P

  2. Hi Deb,

    Thanks so much for taking the time to get in touch with me about my story, “A Turn for the Worse.” I really appreciate your thoughts and am glad you cared enough about the upset man to contact me.

    I intended the story to be about hypocrisy. Kent looked to everyone else to take care of the man, and he judged them very harshly for failing to do so. In fact, he was so discouraged with his fellow patrons that he couldn’t bring himself to remain in the coffeehouse another minute.

    Of course, the irony is that at no point did he consider helping the man himself. I feel that we are all guilty of looking to others to take care of a situation before we look to ourselves. We even admonish others for failing to do that which we are unwilling to do.

    As for the sobbing man, the idea was to keep him vague enough that most of us could probably picture someone from our own lives in his spot, thus making him more sympathetic to the reader and strengthening the impact of Kent’s hypocrisy.

    I hope that cleared some things up! Once again, I really thank you for reading my work and I hope you’ll continue to keep up with my stories in News and Views!


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