Stitch Fix For Men – A Successful Experiment

I recently started a new career in the corporate world, one that allows me to be a bit more daring than my previous profession in education. As a teacher, I always tried to dress rather conservatively. I didn’t want to stand out too much. It’s daunting enough to face down 150 teenagers every day–I didn’t want my clothing to be a topic of their interest.

However, while I knew I wanted to upgrade my wardrobe and expand my style, I didn’t know where to begin. I’ve never been great at shopping, making outfits, or seeing the possibilities in clothing. Most of my outfits came from Kohls, Target, and sometimes Amazon. While they were nice enough, they were fairly bland and similar to what every other man in my community wore.

Somewhere around the time I accepted my new position I saw an advertisement for Stitch Fix For Men. I knew of Stitch Fix. My wife had tried it several years ago. I have to admit, though, that I wasn’t aware they had a division aimed specifically at men. I visited their website and saw great potential. The outfits looked good, fit my desired style, and would be sent right to my front door. It doesn’t get much easier than that, right?

As I filled out my profile questionnaire at their website, I was able to describe my tastes, my wants, my dislikes, my preferred fits, my texture preferences, my favorite colors, and so much more. I was even able to detail the fact that I was starting a new job and wanted a focus placed upon business casual. I told them I would like blazers coupled with business casual shirts, pants, and shoes.

I got an email from Stitch Fix For Men showing me what my stylist, Caitlin, had chosen for my first “fix.” I had a list of about ten items and I could choose up to five. If I only saw three that I liked, I’d have to accept her judgement on two choices that I wouldn’t have a chance to review. In this particular case, I easily found five items I liked from the provided list.

A bit later, my first “fix” arrived right on my doorstep! Caitlin hit a homerun. Everything looked great; everything fit great. If I didn’t like any of the items, Stitch Fix For Men provided a prelabeled envelope to return those items in. However, if you stick with all five, you get a big discount. In fact, you don’t even pay until after you receive the items.

So far, out of four “fixes,” I’ve kept all five items per “fix” that Caitlin picked for me. My only slight complication arrived when I received a shirt sized too big for me, but the exchange for the proper size could not have been simpler.

Stitch Fix For Men is the perfect situation for me. I get a variety of styles that mix and match well together. My stylist is sending me things specifically filling my needs, and I even get the opportunity to provide feedback on fits, cuts, and styles. They also provide cards with each clothing item you receive showing you how to pair it with other styles that might be in your closet.

Finally, you can set the frequency at which you’d like to get your “fixes.” I go about once a month, but you can alter your schedule according to your needs or budget.

As you can see, Stich Fix For Men is the perfect “fix” to my current situation. Though I would love to, I’m not sure I’ll stick with it perpetually due to cost. However, in terms of providing an almost instant wardrobe, I couldn’t have asked for anything better. In fact, I’ve included snapshots below of everything that I’ve received so far.

If Stitch Fix For Men sounds like a good fit for you, check them out at this address:

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