No E-Learning Yet? Here’s Our Basic Schedule For Home Schooling

As of tomorrow, our kids are officially on spring break. Bad news, kids–no spring break this year. A week of being isolated during the entire week while giving the kids free reign is unthinkable for us. Therefore, we’ll continue the same schedule we established last week, which I’m sharing with you to adapt as you see fit.

This is a very flexible schedule, but we try to achieve most of it on a daily basis throughout the school week. We aren’t necessarily designating time parameters–things take as long as they take. My wife and I also try to switch off in order to give each other some time as well. Luckily, our eleven-year-old is very independent and doesn’t need much direction with the itinerary. Our seven-year-old is a sweetheart, but, due to her age, needs quite a bit of guidance.

Of course, we have the advantage in that we are teachers, so there isn’t much to worry about in the way of mandatory conference calls and those kinds of work obligations common to the business world. We have the time to facilitate a lot of these activities. We’re also fortunate to have streaming platforms, gaming consoles, Internet service, and that kind of thing.

That being said, feel free to adapt our schedule as you see fit. Make it work for you however you want. If you have any questions, feel free to ask in the comments.

Home School Schedule

  • Youngest gets one morning show
  • Oldest gets one morning show
  • Math time (Leap Pad/Prodigy/IXL/worksheets)
  • Morning exercise (walks/GoNoodle on YouTube/sit ups/stretches/Wii U)
  • Arts/Culture time (online virtual museums/Mo Willems Lunch Doodles)
  • Science time (at-home experiments/outdoor observations)
  • Free time
  • Music time for oldest (trumpet/guitar)
  • Reading time
  • Afternoon exercise (walks/GoNoodle on YouTube/sit-ups/stretches/Wii U)
  • Social call time (grandparents/family/friends)
  • Writing time (journaling/letters/observations/short stories/picture stories)
  • Free time
  • Educational entertainment program (Shopclass/Nat Geo/You vs. Wild)
  • Family games (Switch/Memory/board games/card games/charades/puzzles)
  • Movie night (Disney+/Netflix/Amazon Prime Video


3 thoughts on “No E-Learning Yet? Here’s Our Basic Schedule For Home Schooling

  1. Barry Whelan says:

    Loooove that you are allowing time in your day for journaling. I wrote an article about it, would love to know if how you’re using it is anyway similar to my thoughts:

    Also, I’m a huge fan of IXL. Such a great resource for right now.

  2. Well done to all of you, in these unusual times, finding a new pattern to the days. I just love the little mortar board on your sign!

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