Do You Like Jewelry? Check Out Steampunk Mamas!

Jewelry is not something I ordinarily write about, but my aunt and cousin have created a brand of jewelry all their own, and I implore you to check them out!

They call their brand Steampunk Mamas and it is obviously meant to appeal to the steampunk fan.  If you’re unfamiliar, steampunk is a genre largely imagining complex science fiction during the Victorian era.

I’ve taken a look at their various websites and it’s pretty cool jewelry!  This mother and daughter team are musicians, artists, craftswomen, as well as jewelry makers.  They make a creative duo!

You can find them at the following links …




Here’s a picture of one of my favorite items that they’ve created …

Dragonfly Necklace with gears and black beading on gold colored chain

I do hope you’ll pay them a visit!

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