Lazarus: Family by Greg Rucka – A Book Review

I picked up Lazarus out of curiosity because Amazon kept suggesting I read it.  I’m familiar with Greg Rucka’s work, so I thought it would be worth my time.

The first volume of Lazarus, entitled Family, did not disappoint, though I must admit that I probably won’t follow the series.

The world is now owned by the very wealthiest of people, called Family, and everyone else is simply considered Waste.  Each of these Families has a protector, and they are called the Lazarus.  Family focuses on one particular Lazarus called Forever.  She believes she is among the adult children of the family Carlye, and while she is certainly the favorite, she is not what she believes.

Forever has the ability to mend from virtually any attack, so survive almost any encounter.  She seems to be an expert warrior, well-versed in any and all weaponry, and agile beyond compare.  However, the reader must wonder if she’s intended to have the morality she’s developing, especially as it becomes even more apparent this is not a conventional human being.

Family involves a lot of action, plenty of intrigue and deception, interesting political and societal implications, and stunning art, but it didn’t capture my imagination enough to keep me invested.  However, that doesn’t make it “bad.”  I think those readers who enjoy such stories will find it captivating.

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