A Few Words About Troy Marcy Photography

I’ve had the honor of following Troy Marcy’s work for several years now, and I can, without hesitation, attest to the fact that this man is a true artist, a student of the craft, and an ethical person.  Furthermore, he’s a good friend.

Troy’s passion for photography is evident with each and every photograph he creates. Many can take a picture, to be sure, but only some have an undefinable ability to produce drama, majesty, and mystery within those boundaries. Troy is one such talent. In particular, his nature and wildlife shots take my breath away on a regular basis.

Consequently, Troy does not relent when it comes to learning new methods. I’ve had many a technological conversation with him concerning his equipment and software, and I’ve understood none of it. He never stops learning, he never stops studying, and he never stops trying to take the perfect picture with the resources available. In fact, he’s been known to labor over a single photograph for hours upon hours in an effort to achieve excellence.

Which leads me to my next point. If you hire Troy Marcy, you will get his best work possible. This is a man who has a passion for photography, an insatiable desire to capture art. He is not out to get rich. He has no desire to fleece clients. His fares are more than reasonable, and his principles are always strong. He truly wants to make his clients happy, which is why he’s been known to go above and beyond for each photograph he takes on a client’s behalf.

As you can tell, I count Troy Marcy among my friends, but that doesn’t guarantee a positive word when it comes to skill or behavior. I am critical and objective when it comes to both art and business, and Troy Marcy excels at each. It is with supreme confidence that I recommend his work and his integrity to you.

Visit his website HERE.

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