The Book of Revelation – A Book Review (Graphic Novel)

This graphic novel adaptation of The Book of Revelation is terrifying, beautiful, provoking, and poignant.

Due to the ambiguity of The Book of Revelation, many have tried to interpret it over the centuries.  Though I am far from an expert, I find this graphic novel an insightful take on the world-renowned work.  So much of this book from the Bible is based on imagery that, when read alone, most of us fail to truly envision its descriptions.  Thanks to artist Chris Koelle, those words have been chillingly rendered upon the page.

The Book of Revelation is a scary read, and Koelle has intricately delivered those frightening aspects.  When I received the book from Amazon Vine, it at first unsettled me.  But this is not the stuff of gratuitous violence or repulsion.  This is a realistic approach to a story that many believe will come to pass.  The monsters are disturbing, the angels are intimidating, and the end of the world is ghastly.

Interestingly enough, the art reflects the customs and attire of when The Book of Revelation was first written – it looks as the world did thousands of years ago.  We often think of the end of the world as being our (2012) future, but, I suppose upon reflection, after it was initially written the future was very much our long ago past.

This work is a translation by Fr. Mark Arey and Fr. Philemon Sevastiades, and it was adapted by Matt Dorff.  But the art is what truly makes this a unique version.  It is sensible yet fantastical, gruesome yet gorgeous.  If you are interested in a distinctive interpretation of The Book of Revelation, I highly recommend this exceptional work.

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