More Reviews For Andropia!

Positive reviews keep rolling in for Andropia, and I’m very appreciative to those who are writing them! Check out the latest two:

“I loved Andropia! I started reading it on the El train to work, and I rapidly got pulled into the story as it developed from chapter to chapter. It got to the point where I couldn’t wait to get on the train, so that I could read more of it! I like Foley’s technique of closing chapters with a cliffhanger, and I liked the short stories at the end too, which really added great background details to the main story. It was a very quick read, and it definitely made me think deeper as I was trying to figure out what was coming next.”
~Matthew P., data migration expert

Andropia! I enjoyed this great read and was through it in a flash. Engaging and though-provoking, Andropia will transport you into it’s mysterious world and make you really wonder about our own world. Asking many questions and opening our minds to think in a new way, the books structure consists of the central story, then features short stories telling parts of the story from different perspectives. Pick this one up and you won’t be disappointed. Let’s hope there will be a sequel to follow.”
~Katie Hoffman, private chef and blogger

You can still get your copies by the following methods:


Barnes and

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