November Is National Novel Writing Month

Have you always wanted to write that novel but just couldn’t work up the gusto?  Well, no more excuses come November.  We’re celebrating National Novel Writing Month with the good people at NaNoWriMo!

The concept is simple: by the end of the month you need to have written at least 50,000 words.  Quality is not an issue; spelling and grammar are for later concerns; this is purely an exercise in letting your imagination loose.

At the following website:

you can add your name to a list of participants and get your own little space.  There is a place for you to plug in your daily word count, and no, no one is actually checking that you’re being honest.  You can also find out about “write-ins” where other writers in your region are gathering to meet, write, and maybe even socialize a little.  NaNoWriMo offers many free graphics to decorate your various social networking sites with, and they also offer many fun items for purchase that helps fund several non-for-profit plights.

Many agree that the hardest part of writing a novel is sitting down and actually getting started.  This is just the sort of fun, care-free contest that can light a fire under people and get them tapping away at the old keyboard.  Do you feel that warmth on your rump?  You know that that means!

I’ve almost participated in National Novel Writing Month for several years, but never found the discipline to stick with it.  I’ve actually been working on a novel since before I found out about NaNoWriMo, and this seems like the perfect opportunity to crank the whole thing out.  Though I’m already 10,500 words into it, I’m going to subtract that amount of words to keep things fair.  After all, where’s the fun if you cheat?

I hope you’ll take part in this event to celebrate writing and pass the news along to your friends.  In just a few short hours, it’s off to the races!


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