You Must Read Marilyn Best’s Work

I know a wonderful lady in North Carolina named Marilyn Best.  I met Marilyn because she is my brother’s mother-in-law, and I instantly liked her.  Marilyn is hilarious, tough, smart, and honest.  Best of all?  She’s also a book lover.  I’ve had many interesting conversations with Marilyn about books, specifically in regards to Stephen King.

So when I heard Marilyn had a short work published in The Sun magazine, it didn’t surprise me at all.  Most voracious readers have a knack for writing as well, but that doesn’t necessarily equate great writing.  Good writing is nice, great writing is exquisite and rare.

Marilyn, being the humble person she is, never sent me the link to her work, and so even though it was published in September of 2008, I just now read it today because my parents delivered a hard copy to me.

As I read it, I seriously said out loud, “Wow!”  Marilyn created a piece of great writing.

As I’ve already told Marilyn, she immediately captured my attention and her descriptive work is outstanding.  Most importantly, she has a clear, fluid voice that is most enjoyable to read.  Though the work is short, it is impressively potent, and it’s obvious she knows exactly what she’s talking about.

I sincerely hope you’ll follow the link and read the first entry-Marilyn’s entry-of The Sun’s “Porches.”  While I won’t publish her email on the web, if you’d like to send me any kind words regarding her work, I’d be more than happy to pass them along to her.

Here’s the link:

2 thoughts on “You Must Read Marilyn Best’s Work

  1. Teresa says:

    What a lovely work. As someone from North Carolina who grew up in a mill town around porches, Ms. Best’s work was accurate and reminded me of my own childhood on my grandparents’ porches. I especially like how she began and ended the work with the rich Yankee princesses living in castles. Very nicely done.

    Thanks for sharing that with us, Scott.


  2. Thanks so much for the kind words, Teresa! I passed them on to Marilyn and I’m sure she’ll be thrilled by them.

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