A Model World by Michael Chabon – A Book Review

Michael Chabon once again proves why I believe he is America’s premier living author.  In this collection of short stories, he presents many normal circumstances, every day sorts of things, but he gives them to us with such captivating, realistic characters that you must turn the page to find out how everything ends.  Now, this is not the stuff of thrillers, mind you, but rather, his collection is the stuff of life.  These characters are your friends and family, and Chabon treats them with both reverence and brutality.  Such is life.

Chabon’s writing is unassuming and wildly intelligent.  There is much at the surface of his work, but it is also so pleasing to plunge into the depths of analysis if one feels so inclined.  Just as I always have, I highly recommend you read Chabon’s work.

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