Smokin’ Aces – A Movie Review

Okay, I waited quite a while for this baby to come in through my Internet rental provider, so I had rather high hopes.  My mistake.

I equate this movie to the empty calories of your favorite junk food.  Oh, so very yummy, but usually leaves you worse off than you were before.  Could I take my eyes off of it?  No.  Did it have anything of value to add to the art of moviemaking in any way, shape or form?  No.

Even so, I hate to admit it, but I still enjoyed watching it.  Gratuitous violence, extreme profanity, a plot with so many holes a mouse would think he’d died and gone to Mouse-Heaven, and acting that would put Halle Berry’s performance in Catwoman to shame, God love me, I still enjoyed watching it.  Oh, what is happening to me?

On a high note, though, Jason Bateman, for the full three minutes of screen time he got, totally rocked!  Love the Bateman!

So, if you like Pulp Fiction without the craftsmanship, Smokin’ Aces is right up your alley.

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