The Bourne Ultimatum – A Movie Review

HUGE Bourne fan!  HUUUUGE!  That said, The Bourne Ultimatum wasn’t quite as good as the first two, and I’ll tell you why (without spoilers), but it’s still better than most of what’s out there.

The good-awesome, awesome, awesome action sequences.  Incredible stuff.  Damon is as intense as ever.  The locations are still gorgeous and realistic.  While there are obviously special effects, none of it seemed so outlandish that it couldn’t happen in real life.  Sure, Bourne must have nine lives, but it’s not like someone couldn’t survive all the car crashes and such.  Not likely, but also not impossible. 

The bad-I had a headache when I saw it with my wife, and the shaky-cam shooting style got a little nauseating.  Literally.  But, that’s my fault, not the movie’s.  We finally get some answers about Jason Bourne, and they can’t help but be a bit anti-climatic.  We so love our mystery men, and once they cease to be a total mystery, they get a little bit more like us, and let’s face it, most of us are kind of boring.  Furthermore, I really miss Bourne’s love interest, Marie.  Without her, I think an important component of Jason Bourne is missing, and he’s less relatable as a result.

So, in summation, while I loved the action, Damon’s acting, and the locations, I just didn’t care about the plot of The Bourne Ultimatum, and the plot is the soul of any movie.

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