Did I Write About This Already … Like Twenty Years Ago?

I know I just turned 31, but it’s a little too soon to be losing my mind, isn’t it?  I mean, time travel is pure theory at this point, yeah?  Because some weird things are going on which make me wonder if I’ve been thrown back into the eighties and nineties.


I flip on the television and I see the American Gladiators more cheezerrific than ever before.  I notice commercials for a new Knight Rider.  I’m watching a show about the Terminators and John Connor.  And over at the WWE, mullets are still riding high.  (To be honest, that’s never changed over there.)


Then, I go to the movies and I see Transformers, Rocky, and trailers for John Rambo.  I hear they’re making a GI Joe film.  And, because obviously nothing is sacred, a big-screen version of The A-Team is in preproduction.


Finally, on the political scene, there’s a Clinton trying to replace a Bush.


Seriously, it is 2008, right?  RIGHT?!


Now, if you’ll excuse me, I need to go play me some Mortal Kombat.  At least they’ll never try to redo that … Wait, what’s that?  Oh, never mind.

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