Bar Harbor, Maine – Summer 2006

All Photographs Copyright © Kristen Foley 2006  All Rights Reserved

Sieur de Monts Springs

Sieur du Monts Springs

Portland Lighthouse

Portland Lighthouse

Nature Trail

Nature Trail

Mount Desert Island Beauty

Mount Desert Island Beauty



Fog On the Bubbles

Fog On the Bubbles

Five Islands

Five Islands


The Cliffs

Horse Carriage

Horse Carriage Ride


 Acadia Bridge

Boats, New and Old

Boats – Old and New

Acadia Beauty

Acadia Beauty

2 thoughts on “Bar Harbor, Maine – Summer 2006

  1. Zachary Cole says:

    Glad you enjoyed the state!

  2. We did. It was beautiful and we hope to return one day. Thanks for stopping by, Zach!

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