After the Sunset – A Movie Review

Hey, this film is what it is.  Directed by Brett Ratner and set on an island paradise, you couldn’t help but enjoy it for the fantastic shots alone.  We’ve got a charming Pierce Brosnan and Salma Hayek as retired jewel thieves hanging their hats on a lovely island far beyond the FBI’s jurisdiction.  That doesn’t stop Woody Harrelson, the FBI agent they regularly made a fool of, from hunting them down to make sure they really are out of the game. 

We’ve got some really, really fun moments between Woody and Pierce and Salma is as smoldering as ever. 

While this film didn’t break the mold by any means, it was fun to watch and moved along at a fairly quick pace.  I’ll even give it props for a little twist at the end that made it all worthwhile.