Economy Got You Down? Need Some Affordable Entertainment?

If you’re like me, you’re currently looking for all kinds of ways to save money. I just wanted to remind everyone that this month my two short story collections and novel are each on sale for only $10.00 with FREE shipping if within the USA.

My novel, Souls Triumphant, regularly $15.95, is a story about two people that meet on the street and experience love at first sight. However, before long demons attack them and they learn they were once angels of the Kingdom. When the devil himself appears, they need a little help from above in a man named Buddy. This story has true love, flaming swords, sizzling demons, international adventure, intangible mentors, and even a grilled cheese.

In my two short story collections, The Imagination’s Provocation: Volumes I and II, you’ll experiece horror, sci-fi, fantasy, comedy, action/adventure, historical fiction, and even a little romance. If you love a wide variety of genres, these collections are for you!

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You can now use PAYPAL to buy any of my books.  The link will redirect you to each book’s MySpace page where you can click a “BUY NOW” button which will take you to PAYPAL.  I sign all books purchased through PAYPAL and offer free shipping within the United States.

Souls Triumphant
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The Imagination’s Provocation: Volume II
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The Imagination’s Provocation: Volume I
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Guest of a Wonderful Book Club

This morning I met with the most delightful book club!  Many of them were friends with my wife through Oakland Elementary and had requested copies of my first short story collection, The Imagination’s Provocation: Volume I.

I was a bit nervous about attending the session because many of the stories in that collection were written five years ago and I feel as though my writing style and skill have improved greatly since.  The fact many of them were teachers compounded my anxiety, especially because one of them teaches English at a junior high!

Thankfully, my fears could not have been more misplaced.  They were the nicest group of people with fantastic questions, astute observations, and thoughtful comments.  And best of all-they were hilarious! 

I’m so appreciative they not only read my book, but allowed me to take part in their discussion.  Getting to meet and interact with my audience is always an invaluable experience, and in this particular case a real joy!


Watch out, World!  Scott William Foley has learned how to make banners.  From now on, no one is safe.

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Get a Signed Copy of My Book With Free Shipping!

If you’d like a signed copy of one of my books and free shipping (within the continental United States), visit the following website and scroll down to find PayPal Buy Now links:


The Imagination’s Provocation: Volume II – Join author Scott William Foley on another uncanny journey through the uncharted realms of the imagination! Although immensely different in genre, tone, and setting, Foley’s stories deal with that which we all have in common-our humanity. He brings us stories of love, regret, loss, hope, fear, and redemption. From the vastness of space to a lonely church pew, Foley’s tales will provoke your imagination in ways inconceivable! The Imagination’s Provocation: Volume II is an eclectic collection of short stories dealing with horror, fantasy, faith, science fiction, realism, and everything in between. Prepare for another plunge into the depths of Scott William Foley’s wildest imaginings!

Souls Triumphant: A NovelSouls Triumphant is the story of Joe and Alessandra, two recent college graduates who meet on the street and experience love at first sight. Through a series of adventures and tragedies, they learn the evil Ned and his fallen angels pursue them.  If the world is to survive, they must evade the villains’ nefarious intentions, befriend the enigmatic Buddy, and rekindle their true natures. It’s a story of romance, action, intrigue, fantasy, and faith.

The Imagination’s Provocation: Volume I – Enter worlds where the only limitation is the imagination.  Worlds where an old woman is left a fallen soldier’s medals of distinction for reasons she doesn’t understand; worlds where a cold-blooded killer vows to return from the dead and finish what he started; worlds where proposing to a girlfriend becomes a comedy of errors; worlds where a boy pays dearly for taking a dare to stay the night in a house no one would risk entering; worlds where a genetically-altered government agent, considered a hero by the people, is wanted for treason; worlds where a father loses touch with his son without caring to know why; worlds where a woman is bestowed the honor of destroying an unaware planet, but must choose if she will follow through with her duty; worlds where one word scribbled on a wall can change a person’s life forever, if one is willing to see it; worlds where a stranger’s random phone call renews faith.  Enter these worlds, and prepare to let the imagination soar!

On the Shelves, November of 2005

Imagine my surprise, when, in November of 2005, I was surprised to see my short story collection The Imagination’s Provocation: Volume I on the Barnes and Noble bookshelves.  It was a surreal–and very welcome–sight!  Of course, I brought Kristen back the next night to take some photographs of this watershed moment.

All Photographs Copyright © Kristen Foley 2005  All Rights Reserved






Help Me Support the Bloomington High School Reading Raiders!


Come to the Bloomington, IL, Barnes and Noble on December 5th and help support the Bloomington High School Reading Raiders Book Club! They are having a fundraiser where, if you use a provided voucher, they will receive 15% of all sales.

I will give a talk entitled “The Power of Literature” at 7:30 p.m., followed by a book signing, but there will be several other events beginning at 4:00 p.m. Some of these family friendly events include:

•Readings by District 87 administrators
•Appearances by local authors
•Performances by the Bloomington High School Drama Department
•Story time for children
•Puppet shows
•Arts and crafts
•Performances by Bloomington High School musicians
•District 87 student artwork
•Bloomington High School Speech Team performances

I hope you can make it out and support the Bloomington High School Reading Raiders Book Club!