Failure to Launch – A Movie Review

There are three things in this world I never wanted to see: Colin Farrell’s vd report, Star Jones’ stool, and Terry Bradshaw’s bare naked butt.  Sadly, after seeing his film, one of those things is burned into my mind’s eye forever.

You know, I didn’t mind this movie.  I actually thought the premise was pretty good.  Sarah Jessica Parker plays a woman who offers her services to help parents get their grown sons out of the house.  Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew McConaughey’s charm sizzles off the screen and there are some truly funny moments.  Yeah, the cheese factor is high (so high the air is rare), and you’ll need to tape a pillow to your forehead you’ll be slapping it so much with the last twenty minutes, but I’ve seen worse (Must Love Dogs, anyone?).  Give it a shot if you’ve got nothing else to watch.