A Quick Update On My Writing

You may have noticed that I’ve been writing quite a bit on my website of late.  Though I’m not quite publishing daily, I’ve been awfully close to doing so for the last month.  I committed to writing more editorials awhile back, and I’m fairly pleased with my output.  Although I’m not writing as bravely as I would like, I’ve tackled a few topics that required a bit of courage on my part.  Best of all?  Those particular articles were received well.

However, this does not mean that I’ve quit writing fiction.  I’ve taken a break from writing new short stories because I’ve had a project that’s been occupying my time since last November.  It’s still got several months of revision to go, and, honestly, it may never see the light of day, but it’s an exciting endeavor that’s providing me great pleasure.  It’s something I’ve never done before, so there’s also a bit of a learning curve with it.

I really don’t want to talk too much about it for fear of jinxing everything.  I’m superstitious like that.  Not to worry, though–I’m still writing fiction!


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