Prince Caspian by C.S. Lewis – A Book Review

I largely credit my love of reading with The Chronicles of Narnia.  My fourth grade teacher read the entire series to our class and I loved every minute of it.  With the contemporary release of theatrical versions of the first two installments, I’ve enjoyed rereading the books for the first time in twenty years.

Prince Caspian is beautifully simplistic.  Aimed at children, the ideas of duty, compassion, and heroism are wonderfully relayed in an easily digestible format.  When I was a child, I found the stories incredibly stimulating, but now as an adult I realize the life-lessons Lewis taught with each installment of The Chronicles of NarniaPrince Caspian is the story of doing the right thing even when you must go against everything that seems natural.  It is the story of putting your faith in a higher power and purpose and leaving mundane worries behind. 

Keep in mind, however, that Lewis offered more than just a morality tale.  Prince Caspian lays the groundwork for an epic story to come.  In Narnia, Lewis created a varied and fantastic world where mythology, religion, and reality seamlessly meld.

I so look forward to reading the rest of this series as an adult and critically analyze Lewis’ style and purpose.  I also, however, look forward to reading the series to my daughter when she’s old enough.  I can’t wait to see the wonderment in her eyes that only a child can experience.