Hidalgo – A Movie Review

This movie stars Viggo Mortensen and, well, er, a bunch of people we’ve never heard of.  Nonetheless, I really enjoyed this film.  It’s about a man and his horse, a Mustang named Hidalgo that he’s partnered with but never tamed.  They seem to have an understanding between each other where neither is master, but both are friends on equal footing (figuratively speaking).  I must admit, there are some really touching moments between man and horse that will test your mettle.

The storyline isn’t anything spectacular, as it was “inspired” by Mortensen’s character, real life figure Frank Hopkins.  Notice it said, “inspired,” not “based upon.”  That’s a big difference in Hollywood.  However, if you’re going to get a modern day actor to play a weather beaten, mellow cowboy, Mortensen is your best choice.  By the way, the locations were beautiful, and just watching that magnificent horse is well worth the price of a rental. 

As I said, this film isn’t breaking the mold by any means, but there are some potent scenes that remind us just how powerful a living organism’s will can be when faced with insurmountable odds.

Goodbye, Old Friend – Pictures

I wanted to post a few pictures to supplement my original post, Goodbye, Old Friend.

This is the day I bought the car back in 2000.  I bought it from  Gentry Motor Company in Macomb, IL.

Me, sitting with my car for the last time.

The interior.  Not too bad after ten years of heavy use.

Goodbye, old friend.