Good Call On Gyllenhaal

Note: This Post Originally Published 3-10-07

I don’t know if you’ve heard, but Maggie Gyllenhaal has all but signed on to the Batman Begins sequel (called The Dark Knight) to replace Katie Holmes as Rachel Dawes.  Let me say, I couldn’t be happier about this decision.  First of all, the sequel will tout the talents of Christian Bale, Michael Caine, Morgan Freeman, Gary Oldman, Heath Ledger, and Aaron Eckhart.  Does Katie Holmes really stand a chance of standing up to talent like that?  No way.  But does Gyllenhaal?  Most definitely.

Listen, I liked Katie Holmes just as much as you did up until the literal day Batman Begins opened.  I didn’t care she was linked with Tom Cruise, didn’t bother me at all.  However, what did bother me was when she brought him along to the premiere and everything and everyone got overshadowed by all-powerful Tomcat.  I’m sure Christopher Nolan was seething that his hard work had turned into just another media circus for the Hollywood power couple. 

Listen, Holmes, by doing that, proved that she cared more about herself than her art and the film she was promoting at that moment, and, in my eyes, that contradicted everything the rest of the cast and crew were doing. 

To top it all off, in my opinion, Gyllenhaal is twice the actor Holmes is, and I think her every-woman appeal will prove a good match with Bale.

Children of Men – A Movie Review

A more startling version of our apparently impending dystopian future I cannot imagine.  Children of Men disturbed me greatly because it completely did not deviate from a very realistic, and some would say unavoidable, future.

The premise of Children of Men is masterful in its simplicity but the complications that arise are never-ending-the human race is no longer able to produce.  Imagine a world where there are no children born anymore and it’s not hard to imagine a world without hope or reason for living.

I have to admit that much of this movie made absolutely no sense to me, but that in no way impeded my enjoyment.  I actually believe the murkiness of some plot points served the audience better because, like many of the citizens in the setting, there is utter confusion and general uneasiness at every corner.  For example, it never clearly explains why humanity cannot reproduce any longer.  While it would have been nice to know, that makes the audience every bit as uncomfortable as the characters in the film.  We don’t know any more than they do.

Children of Men stars Clive Owen, Michael Caine, and Julianne Moore, so as you can assume, the acting is superb.  When a young pregnant woman shockingly appears, a terrorist group fighting for the rights of refugees who have fled to Great Britain enlist the aid of Clive Owen to help her reach the mysterious Human Project overseas.  Again, nothing but the overall highlights of this plot are revealed, but like Owen, we don’t need to know the details.  He just needs to keep himself and the last hope of humanity alive long enough for the first human to be born in eighteen years.

This movie is truly unsettling and very violent, but it will captivate your interest and, if you’re like me, you’ll still be thinking of it days later.  I like to think this world of ours will one day become a peaceful utopia, but I’m truly afraid Children of Men may be what awaits us all.