What People Are Saying About “Send-Off”

I’ve gotten lots of interesting responses to my short story “Send-Off” which can currently be found in the latest issue of Euphemism.  Here are a few of my favorites …

“whoa, that was intense! very good job! it was definitely a bit unsettling, but in the best kind of way:)” -Natalie F.

“Great story! And yes, a bit disturbing, but I like disturbing!” -Linda W.

“maybe just a little too racy! : )” -Heather S.

“I really liked it, very creepy” -Natalie M.

“That’s a pretty messed up story!  Good, but messed up!  LOL” -Larry F.

“Very perverse…you sick bastard!” -Drew S.

So there you have it.  What are you waiting for?  Go read it for yourself!


My Latest Published by Euphemism Literary Journal

It is my distinct honor to announce that Illinois State University’s literary journal, Euphemism, has published my latest story entitled “Send Off.”

I do hope you’ll give it a read at the provided link, but be warned – it may disturb and unsettle you.