“He’ll Be Just Fine” – My July Bloomington News and Views Short Story

With my baby girl arriving any day now, I’ve had fatherhood on my mind quite a bit.  Such thoughts led to my latest story in Bloomington News & Views for the Young at Heart, “He’ll Be Just Fine.”  Forced to wait, George Murdock is left with his thoughts … and fears … about his role as a father.

You can find Bloomington News & Views for the Young at Heart, a free periodical, at virtually any Bloomington-Normal medical facility.  You can also find it at the following locations:

Suds Subaru on the corner of Fort Jesse and Towanda
Busey Bank on Fort Jesse
Kroger on the corner of Landmark and Visa
Commerce Bank on the corner of Towanda and College
Tuffy Muffler on Vernon
Kmart behind Kep’s restaurant on 1AA Drive
Eastland Mall at the main door between JC Penny and Macy’s
Kroger on Oakland Avenue
Jewell-Osco on Veterans Parkway
Borders bookstore
Kroger on Main Street
Bloomington Public Library on Olive Street
Drop Off Laundry on Main Street, across from Kroger

If you’d like to share your thoughts on “He’ll Be Just Fine,” feel free to contact me at scottwilliamfoley@gmail.com.