Dr. Nekros: Phantasms and Chicanery Is Here!

Three months have passed since The Tragedian. Though Zetta has not heard from her ex-husband, Dr. Nekros, the recurring nightmare continues that she and her husband, Jason, believe foretells Dr. Nekros’ death by the demon Xaphan. They desperately want to save the charlatan from such a horrid fate, but he’s not making it easy. When Dr. Nekros finally calls upon Zetta for assistance with what he claims to be an authentic haunting, she and Jason seize the opportunity. Unfortunately, things go awry when Zetta awakens in Dr. Nekros’ arms after an all-night ghost watch and devastating truths are revealed that may prove too much for her to bear

Kindle users can read Dr. Nekros: Phantasms and Chicanery (Volume I, Episode II) by clicking on this link:


Dr. Nekros Now On Kindle!

I’m very excited to announce the arrival of Dr. Nekros to the Amazon Kindle!

Dr. Nekros is a ghost hunter with a terribly scarred face.  He travels the countryside in a haunted 1936 Packard, a car for which he rarely gets along.  To make matters worse, his ex-wife Zetta reappears after thirteen years of separation, and she has a rather unusual demand.  But how will her re-emergence alter Dr. Nekros’ investigations, and, more importantly, his true objective?

The plight of Dr. Nekros will span three volumes with each volume comprised of six episodes.  Each episode will be released two months apart.  This is the beginning of a three year odyssey!

This series is exclusive to the Amazon Kindle as well as Kindle applications, and each episode will cost $00.99.

Join me as we explore the next phase of Dr. Nekros and Zetta’s relationship, the cause of Dr. Nekros’ disfigurement, how the Packard came to be haunted, why Zetta would leave her beloved husband and adored children, and Dr. Nekros’ real mission.  There will be love, betrayal, monsters, reunions, ghosts, trickery, revenge, death, black magic, and battles … But will there be salvation?

Discover Dr. Nekros in the very first episode entitled “The Tragedian.”  Simply follow the link and enjoy!


The New York Trilogy by Paul Auster – A Book Review

This work is actually a collection of three different stories called “City of Glass,” “Ghosts,” and “The Locked Room.”  However, upon finishing the work, it becomes rather obvious why they are all collected into one volume.

Let me say this from the outset: If you are a person who very much needs clear closure, this book is not for you.  I don’t want to get too much into the nuances of the work for fear of spoiling certain elements for a first time reader, but let’s just say that this is as much an experimental exploration of theme as it is anything. 

There were times when I was quite certain that Auster had absolutely no idea what he was doing and where he was going with these stories, and there were other times when I thought I must have been reading the work of a certifiable genius.  I believe that was exactly Auster’s purpose after having finished reading The New York Trilogy.

What else can I say?  If you’re a reader open to experimental craft, you will love this work; if you’re a reader who needs a definite A to Z plot, I’d pass on this if I were you.  Frustrated as this book sometimes made me, it was never boring, and it made me think harder than many books I’ve read of late.  I believe I’m a better writer (and reader) for having experienced it.