Baby Emma By Aunt Dixie

Several weeks ago we received a mysterious package in the mail.  I saw it came from my Aunt Dixie, a very talented artist who deserves far more recognition than she’s getting.  I opened it, and my heart just melted.  Aunt Dixie had drawn a portrait of our daughter based upon the Christmas cards we sent out!

Here is a picture of Emma sitting next to her picture:


Dixie Petticrew is an amazing artist and I hope you’ll check out her website at:

If you’d like to get in touch with her to commission a work or buy her preexisting art, just drop me a line at

Original Art for the Baby

Talented and award-winning artist Dixie Petticrew (and my aunt) created the below picture as a gift to our little girl.  Kristen and I absolutely adore it!  We have several pieces of art by Aunt Dixie throughout our house, but this one is by far our favorite for obvious reasons.

If you enlarge the picture by clicking on it, you’ll even see some little critters Dixie threw in for the baby to hunt out as she gets older.

Dixie Petticrew uses a painting style called Yupo.  You can see more of her work here and she regularly teaches classes and workshops.  I can easily put you in contact with her if you’d like to get in touch for a class or a gallery showing.