Batman Begins – A Movie Review

I know this was a good movie because I went to see it with several friends and their wives, including mine, and the wives, including mine, loved it!

This was the Batman that every fanboy has longed to see.  He was intense, guilt-ridden, an expert fighter, truly frightening, and took what he did very seriously. 

The film dealt with the parts of Batman that the average person doesn’t know much about, which is why I know my wife and the other wives really loved it.  They never knew that Bruce Wayne was a man who had everything he loved taken from him at a young age by a common criminal.  They didn’t realize he blamed himself for the murder of his parents.  It was news to them that he fights a battle against the forces of evil nightly in order to make up for what he couldn’t do then.  He fights to make sure that what happened to him happens to no one else.  They enjoyed the explanation of how he obtains his equipment.  They were shown that he is a mortal man, not a super-man, using the cowardly psyche of the average criminal against them.  It allows us to witness him get hurt, really hurt, and it makes us pity him when we see his bruises, his cuts, his scars. 

This is Batman.  He is only a man to those who know his true identity, but a man who makes himself a force of nature to those he hunts through intelligence, discipline, and chicanery.

The movie succeeds in all the right ways.  Unlike the other Batman movies, we care about this Batman, we root for this Batman, we want to see this Batman on the screen, not the over the top villains of past films.  Batman is the star of this picture, not a mere challenge to the antagonist.

The uniform was plausible, the vehicle was probable, the plot was tight, the acting was superb (in nearly all cases), and the directing was magnificent.

In other words, see this film.  You won’t be sorry.

And remember, we fall down so that we may learn how to pick ourselves up.

Red Eye – A Movie Review

You know, I really didn’t have a problem with this movie.  It starts off with pretty standard dialogue, but that didn’t bother me so much as I knew it was simply working to establish character.  This is, of course, so that when a shift in character arrives later on it seems more surprising and threatening.  The rest of the film wasn’t necessarily ground breaking, but it was surely entertaining. 

Let me get to the heart of this review: Cillian Murphy.  This guy is why I enjoyed Red Eye so much.  He’s just downright creepy.  His performance is very subtle, very reserved, and that makes him all the more villainous.  I honestly think this fella has a tremendous career ahead of him.  And, to be fair, the film’s other star, Rachel McAdams, held her own with Murphy and I believe she too is well on her way to having an esteemed career. 

I hate to say this, it’s so insulting to the director, but for a Wes Craven film, this thing was top-notch.  Craven is kind of hit or miss for me.  On the one hand, he scared the crap out of me as a kid with A Nightmare on Elm Street.  But, on the other, he also brought us A Vampire in Brooklyn.  All that being said, thanks to Cillian Murphy and Rachel McAdams, Red Eye is quite an enjoyable, edge-of-the-seat thriller.  I’d definitely recommend renting it.