Blades of Glory – A Movie Review

In Blades of Glory we have two male figure skaters played by Will Ferrell and Jon Heder.  Will’s character is an oversexed, womanizing sort and Heder … is the exact opposite.  They’re two of the best in the world, but through a series of circumstances I won’t spoil, they are banned from men’s competition and they soon lose all purpose in life.  However, after discovering a loophole in the rules, they return as the sport’s first male pairs’ figure skaters.

The movie is absolutely ridiculous, but I laughed all the way through it.  The gag overshadows any real storyline, though they tried to make the progression of Ferrell and Heder hating each other to working as a cohesive team as fluid as possible.  This isn’t an instant-classic like Anchorman or as funny as Old School, and Ferrell’s shtick is a little worn out with this particular character, but, like I said, it did have some funny moments that made it easy to overlook the film’s shortcomings.