Do You Like Vintage Arcade Games? Visit Arcadia In McLean, IL!

If you like vintage arcade and pinball machine games, you have to visit Arcadia in McLean, IL.  McLean is about 20 minutes south of Bloomington along Interstate 55.  It’s a very small town, but this arcade makes it well worth the trip!

Arcadia is nestled within an old building, but they’ve made it about as charming as they can.  The lighting is very pleasing, there’s a jukebox, I loved the hardwood floors, and–best of all–they’ve got great games!

If you’re looking for the original Donkey Kong, Pac-Man, Galaga, and tons of awesome pinball machines, this is the place for you!  They’ve also got old racing games, fighter jet simulations, sport games, and old school versions of Terminator, Tron, Star Wars, and Aliens.  I even got my tail kicked by Mortal Kombat II.

Plus, each game is either 25 or 50 cents.  Don’t have a ton of change on you?  They’ve got two change machines that can take singles, fives, and twenties, so you’re in luck.  We had a few cases of our quarters being eaten, but overall everything operated as expected.

We’re not huge into video games, yet this place kept us entertained for about an hour and a half before we ran out of quarters.  For the experienced gamer, I suspect those quarters would go a lot farther.

If you live in the area, I totally recommend that you give Arcadia a visit.  There are a few places to eat in town such as a Dixie truck stop, a Blimpie, and a McDonald’s.  Remember, McLean is in McLean County, so be sure to search the actual town, not the county.

Apparently Arcadia even has rooms to rent if you’d like to spend the night–and they look pretty nice!  To learn more, visit their website …

Arcadia: America’s Playable Arcade Museum


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Arcadia by Iain Pears – A Book Review

Know from the onset that this is a book you will need to read twice.  That’s not a bad thing, though.  Arcadia is so full of plot, so rich in its complexities, so perfectly executed, that I actually look forward to reading it again!

Describing Arcadia is no easy task.  It takes place simultaneously in the future, in the past, and in a seemingly parallel world akin to that of Middle-earth or Narnia (but without talking animals or humanoid creatures).  It delves heavily into the nuances of time travel and alternate realities and provides viable explanations for the possibility of both.

It is at times a work of science fiction, at times adventuresome, and times philosophical, at times social critique, at times pure fantasy, but it is always a well-written book that wastes not a single word in telling a deeply satisfying story.

Be aware, though, that Pears expects much of his reader.  Nothing even begins to make sense until about half way through.  Every moment of this novel demands concentration and engagement.  Everything, and everyone, plays a vital role to the tale.  It is one of those rare novels that keeps the audience enthralled right up to the very last page.

If you love multi-faceted, compelling stories that are delivered expertly, Arcadia is the book for you.