The Departed – A Movie Review

My wife and I finally watched The Departed last night and all I can say is that it was an electrifying and outstanding movie.  I initially was hesitant to watch it because I heard it was very violent, but the violence actually was neither terribly gratuitous nor gory.  Still disturbing, mind you, but not in an over the top way. 

The story itself was wrought with tension and very, very engaging.  I literally did not know for sure what was going to happen next, and that was a nice feeling in today’s movie world.  Though the film lasted two and a half hours, it flew by surprisingly fast. 

The acting absolutely was superb and I am not exaggerating.  Jack Nicholson made me laugh, he creeped me out, he made me feel sorry for him, he made me hate him.  Matt Damon more than held his own and, while he still played the emotionally restrained type that is beginning to plague his career, he did a great job.  DiCaprio has left behind his teen heartthrob image once and for all, and he truly shined as he gave us an emotional depth and complexity that made me thank God I wasn’t in his character’s shoes.  Baldwin, while his part was smaller, was hilarious in a totally underplayed manner.  The one who stole the show, though, was Mark Wahlberg.  While his part also was rather small, he stole every, and I mean every, scene he was in.  I will be rooting for him at tonight’s 79th Academy Awards for Best Supporting Actor.

I tell you, I hope Scorsese finally wins for Best Director.  I believe this film easily could have been just another cops and robbers movie, but Scorsese made us care about each and every one of these guys, and that’s something special.  I even wouldn’t be too upset if it beat out Little Miss Sunshine for Best Picture.