Free Short Stories

Welcome. Thank you for visiting. Check out this page every few weeks for a new short story. I write in a variety of genres, so you can always expect a new experience. Just click the cover to read a short story at absolutely no cost to you.


In this short love story, Ramona Stocks, a retired science teacher, and Matthew Campbell, a widower, find romance amidst a torrent of lies and pumpkin pies. (Humor, Realism, Romance)

Eddie stands fuming outside in the bitter cold while his son, wife, and in-laws sit at the dinner table surrounding a cold turkey. How did such woeful events occur on Thanksgiving Day? Read on …(Holiday, Humor, Family Saga)


Chasing down a stranger in the middle of the night is never a good idea. You never know what might happen. (Horror, Science Fiction)


An account of a poker game gone very wrong when a new player is allowed into a circle of old friends. It’s uncomfortable, awkward, and hilarious. (Humor)


A father struggles with his daughter’s birthday during the pandemic. (Realism, Family Saga, Social Commentary)


It is my sincere hope that this work helps with the struggle against hate, inequity, police brutality, racism, discrimination, and injustice. (Social Commentary)


The title says it all. (Satire)


Stealing an older brother’s bike can have serious repercussions, but no one expected anything like this. (Realism, Family, Humor)


The shower is a sensory experience, one that can elicit memories both good … and bad. (Realism, Family)


As her husband nears death in a hospital, Holly argues with her daughter about whether he is alone or not. (Realism, Family Saga)


A routine trip to the grocery store is anything but during the COVID-19 outbreak. (Realism, Social Commentary)


Thanks to the grown man running from child to child, stealing their eggs, this an Easter egg hunt unlike any other. (Holiday, Humor, Family)


In these troubled times, would we recognize a hero if one walked among us? Such is the premise of “The One True.” (Fantasy, Magical Realism, Social Commentary)


Alice Goddard won’t stop attending church even though she has turned her back on her congregation, her pastors, and God. Can anyone help her? (Inspirational)


Technology can drive us apart, but it can also bring us together. (Science Fiction, Social Commentary, Technology)


“Actual Reality” explores the idea of fact versus fiction and persona versus personality. (Science Fiction, Social Commentary)


For some, the miscarried are always remembered … and always loved.  (Family Life, Inspirational)


If you could literally do anything and go anywhere, how would you choose to spend your time? Such is the premise of “Natural Law.” (Inspirational, Fantasy)


When the neighbors can’t seem to get their act together, Bob decides to get involved. After all, with babies on the way, he’s got to do something, right? (Humor, Realism, Romance)


Mateo Sandoval has waited since 1946 to win Best Actor. At his age, it’s now or never. We all know crazy things can happen at the Oscars, but no one expected this!  (Humor)


Hannah Cane has taken the underground competitive thumb wrestling world by storm. At the championship match, however, she’s accused of fraudulence. Is there any way an average sized woman could somehow cheat her way to victory against men twice her size? The answer will surprise you. (Science Fiction)


Lois loves company, and it’s a good thing, because she’s always got a room full of visitors! But when Angelica Black enters the party, Lois is disturbed that she can’t put her finger on how she knows the woman. Who is this Angelica Black, and why has she come to visit? (Realism)

Healthy Balls

In this short story, a family with two young children discuss the merits of “healthy balls.” It’s not what you think. Or maybe it is. Either way, prepare to laugh!  (Family, Humor)


When Ben and his friends notice an old man staring at their children in the splash park, he decides a confrontation is in order. But the old man has his reasons, and those reasons will resonate with you. (Family Life, Family Saga)


In this short story, Bart and Ellen meet for the first time at an exclusive restaurant on New Year’s Eve, and it would seem they could not be more different. As conversation ensues, those differences seem to only compound as the awkwardness of a blind date builds. Clearly opposites in nearly every way, is there anything that can save the evening? (Humor, Love, Holiday)


James is angry and raids Marty’s church, catching the youth minister off guard. It’s James who is surprised, though, when Marty helps him realize his issue isn’t with Marty’s Christmas Eve service, but with something else. (Family Life, Humor, Holiday)

Fallen Man

Bryan is certain he’s going to die at the bottom of that ravine. When help arrives, it’s in a form he never expected. (Science Fiction)


Preston, Jared, Reggie, and Dale thought they’d be the first to successfully pull a prank on their math teacher, Mr. Washington. But when Mr. Washington catches them in the act, he runs down his front porch, takes a terrible tumble upon his front walk, and doesn’t get up. The boys soon discover their Halloween prank won’t be unraveling as planned.  (Humor, Halloween, Holiday)


As usual, Sadie peeks out the back window before going to bed. This night, though, a clown sits upon their swings. Against her husband’s wishes, she confronts the stranger. She will wish she hadn’t. (Horror)


While teaching Sunday school to a class of eight-year-olds, Ben is faced with a question he doesn’t quite feel equipped to answer. (Realism, Humor)


Victories don’t just happen. People need a reason to prevail. This is why they won. (Sports, Realism, Family Saga)


If you’re reading this, it’s too late. It’s already there. In the corner of your room. (Horror, Thriller)


During his twenty-seven years living in the forest, he’d never been made game by another man–until now. (Realism)


A frank conversation with a student forces a teacher to make a stunning realization. (Realism)


Careful with that spider you’re about to step on. You might just end the world. (Horror, Science Fiction)