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Welcome. Thank you for visiting. Check out this page every few weeks for a new short story. I write in a variety of genres, so you can always expect a new experience. Just click the cover to read a short story at absolutely no cost to you.

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Did you ever want to fight back against a jerky college professor? If so, this story will definitely be a return on your investment! (Humor, Social Commentary)


Read “Borderline,” a tale about two soldiers arguing whether or not they should let a pair of children pass by as an alien craft quickly approaches. (Science Fiction, Social Commentary)


It’s 1994, and two boys are out looking for a place they can park with their girlfriends. A patch of trees in the middle of a field seems like the perfect spot … until they realize it’s already been claimed. (Thriller, Super Natural, Social Commentary)


About a zombie, who happens to love Tom Brady, in search of the perfect victim. Try not to take it too seriously. (Horror, Humor, Social Commentary)


In this short love story, Ramona Stocks, a retired science teacher, and Matthew Campbell, a widower, find romance amidst a torrent of lies and pumpkin pies. (Humor, Realism, Romance)


Chasing down a stranger in the middle of the night is never a good idea. (Horror, Science Fiction)


The title says it all. (Satire)


In the tradition of “The Gift Of the Magi,” “Keeping Up With Claus” explores the complicated ritual of both giving and receiving gifts, particularly among family members. This story will make you laugh, it will make you cry, and it will make you flat out mad at one character in particular. However, no Christmas story should be without redemption, so you can expect to smile by story’s end. (Holiday, Humor, Family Saga)