Dr. Nekros E-Serial

Dr. Nekros is currently unavailable as an e-serial. However, his epic tale will soon be available in book format.

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Dr. Nekros: The Tragedian (1 of 18) – A ghost hunter, a haunted car, a demon … and an ex-wife. I’m very excited to announce the arrival of Dr. Nekros to the Amazon Kindle! Dr. Nekros is a ghost hunter with a terribly scarred face. He travels the countryside in a haunted 1936 Packard, a car for which he rarely gets along. To make matters worse, his ex-wife Zetta reappears after thirteen years of separation, and she has a rather unusual demand. But how will her re-emergence alter Dr. Nekros’ investigations, and, more importantly, his true objective?

The plight of Dr. Nekros will span three volumes with each volume comprised of six episodes. Each episode will be released two months apart. This is the beginning of a three year odyssey!

This series is exclusive to the Amazon Kindle as well as Kindle applications, and each episode will cost $00.99.

Join me as we explore the next phase of Dr. Nekros and Zetta’s relationship, the cause of Dr. Nekros’ disfigurement, how the Packard came to be haunted, why Zetta would leave her beloved husband and adored children, and Dr. Nekros’ real mission. There will be love, betrayal, monsters, reunions, ghosts, trickery, revenge, death, black magic, and battles … But will there be salvation?

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Dr. Nekros: Phantasms and Chicanery (2 of 18) – Three months have passed since The Tragedian. Though Zetta has not heard from her ex-husband, Dr. Nekros, the recurring nightmare continues that she and her husband, Jason, believe foretells Dr. Nekros’ death by the demon Xaphan. They desperately want to save the charlatan from such a horrid fate, but he’s not making it easy. When Dr. Nekros finally calls upon Zetta for assistance with what he claims to be an authentic haunting, she and Jason seize the opportunity. Unfortunately, things go awry when Zetta awakens in Dr. Nekros’ arms after an all-night ghost watch and devastating truths are revealed that may prove too much for her to bear.

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Dr. Nekros: Bloodied Pistons (3 of 18) – Dr. Nekros meets a beautiful stranger in the middle of nowhere after she saves his life, but he never could have guessed her connection to the Packard, nor her insatiable thirst for blood. Find out how the Packard came to be haunted!

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Dr. Nekros: Unforeseen Calamity (4 of 18) – At long last, experience Dr. Nekros’ cataclysmic first encounter with the demon Xaphan! In “Unforeseen Calamity,” you’ll see a happily married Micah Vadenburgh (Dr. Nekros) and Zetta Southerland, and you’ll also learn what led to Micah’s disfigurement. Though this story is set in the past, the implications it holds upon the future are profound!

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Dr. Nekros: A Nightmare Realized (5 of 18) This is it! At last, Dr. Nekros has Xaphan in his sights and the ghost hunter is ready to exact his revenge, and it’s all thanks to Zetta’s husband! But when Zetta admits that she knows nothing about Jason’s information, Dr. Nekros grows suspicious. Is this yet another trick by Xaphan, and if so, are all of them – including Zetta’s husband and sons – being led to slaughter? Find out in the second-to-last episode of Volume I entitled “A Nightmare Realized.”

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Dr. Nekros: An Abhorrent Culmination (6 of 18) Finally! In this final episode of Dr. Nekros: Volume I, the good doctor and his ex-wife, Zetta, finally come face to face with the monster Xaphan in Zetta’s own home! For months, Zetta’s mission has been to save Dr. Nekros from the red fiend, but now that her husband, Jason, and her two boys are in danger as well, Zetta must make a difficult choice. Be warned – this is an abhorrent culmination, no one is safe, and blood will be spilled.

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Dr. Nekros: Monstrosity’s Dawn (7 of 18) In the year 1923, Zaffin Scribner and Crispin Vadenburgh are partners intent upon exposing mediums and spiritualists for the charlatans they are. But when Mardella Webb enters Zaffin’s life, that partnership is rocked to the core. A deadly confrontation occurs, and its ramifications influence the coming decades in ways inconceivable.

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Dr. Nekros: The Demons Within (8 of 18) After inexplicably surviving their cataclysmic confrontation with the demon Xaphan, Dr. Nekros and Zetta form an uneasy alliance in order to rescue her boys from the monster’s clutches. Before they can embark upon their search, however, they must generate capital. As fate would have it, Will and Meg Haggard contact them for help with a poltergeist problem, but when Dr. Nekros and Zetta arrive, a far more unsettling affair reveals itself, one that forces Zetta to further fall into a darkness she never imagined.

Dr Nekros Lineage Cover

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Dr. Nekros: Lineage (9 of 18) Zetta’s oldest child decides to break free from Xaphan’s influence, and just when it seems a suicidal effort, the boy is saved by an unexpected hero. But who is this man, what is his connection to the Doctors Nekros, and what consequences will arise from incurring Xaphan’s wrath?

anton hall final

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Dr. Nekros: The Inevitable Demise of Anton Hall (10 of 18)  The year is 1939, and Anton Hall wants nothing more than to provide for his mother, father, and girlfriend. So when Mr. Dove offers Anton work, he jumps at the opportunity, even though the job defies his sense of morality. Before long Anton’s loyalties are divided thanks to a 1936 Packard, and he must make the hardest decision of his life … one that will very likely result in death.


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Dr. Nekros: Diatribe and Divulgence (11 of 18)  Dr. Nekros races to rescue Matty from the clutches of the demon Xaphan, but he must first confront previous iniquities when his father finally confronts him after a decade of silence. Meanwhile, a figure appears at the abandoned amusement park where Xaphan resides and reveals the truth concerning both the monster’s past and future.


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Dr. Nekros: Peripeteia (12 of 18)  In this final installment of the second volume, Dr. Nekros and his ex-wife, Zetta Southerland, must face the demon Xaphan once again in order to rescue Zetta’s youngest child, Matty. The last time they fought against the fiend, they both nearly died. Will they fare any better this time?

Expect old faces to return, new grudges to emerge, and an ending you could never predict as the stage is set for the third and final volume.

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Dr. Nekros: The Realm Within (13 of 18)  In this first installment of the final volume, Dr. Nekros finds himself in a strange land—the land of Xaphan! But all hope is not lost, for there are unexpected allies in the demon’s hellacious world, and with their aid Dr. Nekros may finally be rid of his greatest enemy.

Meanwhile, Anton Hall and Lillian Florence are about to engage in their climatic ghostly duel with Zetta, Joey, and the Vadenburghs caught in the crossfire!

This is the beginning of the end, and there’s no better time to join the saga than now!


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Dr. Nekros: The Depths of Fate (14 of 18)  For better or for worse, without Crispin Vadenburgh, Mardella Webb, and George Vadenburgh, there would be no Dr. Nekros. The brothers and the enchantress tormented each other over the span of decades, and all three no longer exist as they did in 1923, yet their final fates have never been revealed … until now. Their story is full of revenge, sacrifice, tragedy, and, in the end, love.


Dr. Nekros: A77 (15 of 18)  While trapped in Xaphan’s wretched realm, Dr. Nekros has discovered courageous allies willing to revolt against the land’s master.  But nothing could have prepared him for the revelation of their greatest ally, someone not even Xaphan expected to appear – the occupant of A77.  Meanwhile, even as Dr. Nekros fights to rid Xaphan from all of existence, Cashel Vadenburgh fights for his life, Zetta Southerland fights to reclaim her missing child, and Anton Hall fights for his only love.

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Dr. Nekros: A Catastrophic Convergence  (Episode IV, Volume III)

Dr. Nekros: A Catastrophic Convergence (16 of 18)  Determined to get her youngest son back, Zetta seeks to invade Della’s lair with the help of Anton and Lillian. Meanwhile, Dr. Nekros has yet another new ally willing to take the fight straight to Xaphan in order to return Matty to his mother. Though separated by the realms of reality, both Dr. Nekros and Zetta strive for the same thing, and both will be horrified by story’s end.

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Dr. Nekros: The Devil’s Ashes (17 of 18)  Matty is dead. Jason is crippled by grief. Anton is dying. Lillian has the advantage against Zetta and Joey. Della is poised to reunite with Xaphan. Crispin and Zaffin ready to wage a suicidal battle. In this second to last episode, Dr. Nekros must overcome his own shattered spirit if he intends to triumph against the demon and the witch—the perpetrators of his downfall.

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Requiem For the Redeemed

Dr. Nekros: Requiem For the Redeemed (18 of 18)  In this final episode, Dr. Nekros and Zetta meet in their remote honeymoon cabin. This is an odd occurrence because Dr. Nekros is dead. Or is he?

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  2. Thanks, Steven! I hope you’re enjoying them 🙂

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