The Weekly Weigh-In: Holding Steady and Keeping Watch

My goal weight for this week was 210 pounds.

You may remember that last week my goal was 211 pounds, yet I somehow managed to come in at 209 pounds.  This was very good news because, up until the holidays, I held firm at 208 pounds.  Several weeks ago I noticed that my weight was creeping closer and closer to 220 pounds, and that simply could not be allowed to happen.  Though 208 pounds wasn’t ideal compared to the weight loss I enjoyed about four years ago that took me down to 195 pounds, I felt satisfied with that number as it didn’t take too much effort to maintain.

Well, those days are over.  When I initially dropped below 200 pounds, I told myself I’d never cross that 200 mark again.  Unfortunately, that only lasted a few months.

The problem is that staying under 200 pounds took a lot of effort.  I remained vigilant about every single thing I ate and drank when under that threshold.  Maintaining 208 pounds didn’t require much effort at all and I could be far more lax about my intake.

However, I liked being under 200 pounds.  I felt healthier, looked better, and enjoyed more confidence.  While I’m trying to reach 205 pounds by the end of March, I hope to ultimately attain 195 pounds again by summer.

You may recall that I’ve been regularly coming in at 2 pounds under the goal weight every week since I began this endeavor.  By that rationale, even though my goal weight for this week was 210 pounds, I thought I could perhaps hit 208 pounds.

Well, the good news is that I came in under 210 pounds, but I did not reach 208.  I held steady at 209 pounds.

Consequently, I experienced a mental challenge this morning when I saw that 209.  It was something like 209.4 pounds–not that far off from 208.  For a moment, I considered skipping breakfast and weighing myself an hour or two later.  This would give me a chance to <ahem!> go to the bathroom and also to move around and burn off some calories.  I know if I had done that I probably would have reached the top end of 208.  However, that’s a dangerous precedent and one that can turn sour quickly.  I won’t let myself get so obsessed with weight loss that I start skipping meals.

I’ve been saying from the start that a pound a week is my objective, and most agree that this is the best method to practice.  Even though it’s been going better than expected, I’ve often said that staying realistic and mentally positive is vital to this journey.  As I keep losing weight, it’s going to get harder and harder, and I’ll need to accept that and keep my chin  up.

This week is probably the beginning of that more difficult stage.

I’ve noticed that I am not as careful with my eating on Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday, and then I start getting more serious on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday because I know that weigh-in is looming.

But, now that I think I’ve entered a more challenging area, I’ll have to increase my consumption awareness throughout the entire week.  It’s time to keep a more careful watch.

I hope your venture is also going well.  Feel free to let me know in the comment section how you’re doing!

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